Crowdfunding for a radiation low country


When we were young, we lived happily ever after. We climbed the trees. Our mother gave us a kiss. We awoke to the sounds of the birds.

We love that world. That magical world of scents and colours. Clean water. Pure air.

That world is in danger. It is threatened by a technology that destroys nature and kills the bees. Takes the birds out of the sky. Poisons our children. Destroys our health.

Exposure limits for electromagnetic fields used by today’s wireless technologies are based on recommendations failing to take into account the latest independent science. No attention is given to long-term biological effects. For this reason current exposure limits do not protect the environment, humans, plants and animals.

This is why we are taking government to court. To put wireless radiation on the table in its national, European and international dimensions. To ask the judge to put a halt to a destructive policy killing the bees, stifling life and depriving children of their future.

To do this, we turn to you. Going to court is expensive. Very expensive. Do you also dream of a pure world full of buzzing bees and singing birds? Do you also fear for the future of our children, nature and the environment?

You can help us by contributing to our crowdfunding!

Conscious Citizens

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