Who are we?

We are citizens. critical citizens. informed citizens.

Keeping citizens in the spotlight who scrutinize government policy.

The current government limits on wireless technology fail that test. The test of independent, peer-reviewed science.

Government policy is mainly based on ICNIRP advice dating from the 1990s. These opinions do not take into account the advancing scientific understanding of the biological effects of wireless technology. Only a short exposure of 6 minutes of a plastic human head is taken into account.

Such research is inconsistent with our biological nature and extensive use of wireless technology.

Rather than actually protecting us, the government gives free rein to a billion-dollar industry that has not understood what its stuff does to people, plants, animals and the environment. The intense blanket of radiation covering our country today is killing bees, destroying biodiversity, disrupting DNA and breaking the blood-brain barrier. Conflicts of interest are constantly lurking around the corner.

That is unacceptable.

That is why Save Belgium is going to court. To force the government to develop radiation standards that are safer for people and for nature.