Save Belgium was created at the beginning of 2020 following the sudden roll-out of 5G light by Proximus. What brought us together was the outrage that the company, in the middle of the corona lock-down, released a new technology that had not been tested by independent scientists on people and society. And that without the slightest protest from the government.

Save Belgium grew out of the spontaneous protest of broad layers of the population about a rollout that was both illegal and undemocratic. Save Belgium wants to bring structure to the cooperation and actions of everyone in our country who does not want 5G and strives for a low-radiation living environment.

However, Save Belgium is about much more than 5G. She strives for a country in which parents decide for themselves about the vaccines that are given to their children. A country in which people can eat and live healthy. Be able to decide for themselves what is best for them. In which environment they want to live. A country where people live who are becoming increasingly aware of the beauty and the greatness of their responsibility on our earth.

Faced with governments that do not seem to treat people, earth and animals in an appropriate way, Save Belgium therefore stands up for another country. A country where citizens are central. Where conscious people can decide for themselves. A country whose government serves the citizens and not the other way around.

Save Belgium welcomes you to the Belgium of the future. A Belgium with more freedom for people to be who they want. A Belgium with an eye for the earth, plants, animals and people.

A Belgium of which we can say: it is our country because we feel at home in it.