All life is connected. People, animals, plants: we communicate with each other all the time. We flow into each other.

All the great spiritual traditions command humanity to take care of the world. The world we live in. In which we exist. They propose us to live together with all that is. With other people, other life forms, big or small, animated or vegetable. Because the other one, that’s actually you.

Every living being therefore has the right to well-being. On respect. The right to stand in the world as you were made. The way you are.

That’s not just anything. It tells us who we are and how we treat others.
For people it means: the right to dispose of yourself. Express yourself. To develop freely as long as you do not harm the other.
For animals, it means that we treat the animals in a humane and animal-worthy way. A way that suits their nature and their nature.
For the climate and the planet, it means that we leave everything as we would like it to be. So that future generations can enjoy the earth. Being able to eat healthy and nutritious food. To be able to breathe pure air.

The governments of this country must also fulfill this task conscientiously. It is also their job to protect people, plants and animals, the planet. Letting people free to develop themselves. Express yourself. To be yourself. Provide the public with information that is scientifically correct, transparent and unbiased, so that people can make free and informed choices.


We do not feel that our governments are fulfilling this task properly. Save Belgium therefore stands up for another Belgium. For a more aware country with a more aware population.

Save Belgium therefore wants to contribute to a change of awareness in Belgium and beyond. A change through which humanity treats other people, living beings and the world in which we exist in a wise, respectful and caring way.

This means that we:

  • Resist a disrespectful, destructive way of dealing with people, plants, animals and the planet;
  • Commit to a holistic, non-instrumental view of people, earth and society;
  • Strive for a humanity whose head acts in harmony with the heart;
  • Striving for an environment in which the sovereign human being is again central in a way that allows a free and increasingly conscious development, with respect for others, for life on earth and for the planet;
  • Striving for a world in which only technology is allowed that does not harm people and the environment, but is at the service of people and society;
  • Strive for a regional and federal policy that effectively recognizes and protects the sovereign right of human beings for other life forms, and implements a transparent policy that does not serve the interests of industry, but of people;
  • Commit to informing as many people as possible so that they can make free, well-informed and independent decisions;
  • We are committed to using all peaceful social, political and also legal means, based on facts and scientifically based positions, to achieve these objectives.

Concrete objectives

Based on the above vision and mission, Save Belgium strives for a living environment that:

  • Is low in radiation in such a way that no harm is done to humans, plants and animals. This means that society will put a moratorium on existing radiation technologies, ban 5G technology, gradually reduce the current exposure levels of the population and look for non-harmful alternatives;
  • Allows only vaccines without harmful adjuvants such as mercury and aluminum. People are free to decide whether to inject vaccines into their own bodies as well as those of their children;
  • An agricultural policy that gradually reduces the use of synthetic pesticides and herbicides and replaces them with natural products that do not harm people, plants and society