Episode 1: Natural radiation vs Technical radiation

Worlds far apart

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We live in an electromagnetic realm. The earth and the universe continuously generate natural electromagnetic fields. In addition, there is artificial radiation generated by humans. In this episode, we take a closer look at the difference between the two.


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Natural radiation is inherent in life. Humans have been bathing it since the birth of our world. Cosmic rays continuously fluctuate, but much of that radiation is blocked by the atmosphere. Plants, humans and animals have evolved to live and exist in harmony with this background radiation.


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Not all radiation is therefore harmful. Cosmic rays, sunlight, the earth’s magnetic field, the Schumann frequency and various electromagnetic frequencies emitted by the earth regulate life on our planet. They make it possible.

Artificial radiation, generated by humans, can disrupt that extremely fragile balance.


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Life on earth is not just biological, it is electromagnetic. Our heart, for example, generates an electromagnetic field that can be measured and perceived outside of the body. Today we can also measure and visualise the electromagnetic field of plants and animals.


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Ambient radiation, whatever its origin, affects the balance and functioning of our organism.


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Then came the technological revolution. 

We distanced ourselves from nature.


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Since the twentieth century our environment has become saturated with more and more man-made frequencies. That’s especially true for the wireless revolution that gripped the world since the 1990s. Digitalization allows for exponential economic growth, as well as a general diffusion of wireless technologies.

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These technological developments caused an explosion of artificial radiation exposing humans, plants and animals to radiation levels heretofore unknown to life and the planet.


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All that technology produces radiation of a shape and strength not found in nature. Not only is there a huge difference with the frequency and transmitting power of natural radiation fields, man-made radiation generates strongly pulsed signals that cause stress in the body.


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Therefore, artificial radiation cannot be compared with the natural radiation environment in which the earth and mankind evolved. It disrupts the normal functioning of life on earth. Thousands of peer-reviewed studies have provided us with conclusive proof of this.


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Government and industry hardly listen to such messages. While independent scientists and doctors are increasingly sounding the alarm, new wireless technologies are being rolled out at break-neck speed. In doing so, policy makers ignore, time and again, the precautionary principle.


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As a result of this worrying evolution, more and more people are experiencing health issues. More and more people are becoming highly sensitive to artificial radiation. Estimates of so-called electromagnetic hypersensitive people range from 5 to 10% of the population.

In addition, many people started experiencing health issues without knowing what is really causing them.


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Because governments fail to protect people, plants and animals, it is important to deal with cell towers, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, 3G, 4G and other forms of wireless technology as consciously we can.


In a later episode we will explain how you can do this.


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In the next episode, we’ll take a closer look at the difference between thermal heating and biological effects caused by man-made radiation. We will see that this polemic goes to the heart of a scientific debate of which we are all victims.


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If the government fails to protect us, conscious citizens are called upon to do so.


We filed a lawsuit to force Belgium and the EU to take independent science seriously and appropriately protect the environment, people, plants and animals.


Every contribution to the crowdfunding with which we finance our cause is more than welcome.

In this way we work together towards a low-radiation environment for ourselves and our children.



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