Episode 7: Ten practical tips

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In previous episodes we explained what EM radiation is, why it is harmful and what you should pay attention to. In this episode we give 10 practical tips that don’t cost any money and can easily be applied.


TIP 1: Avoid WiFi signals. Turn off WiFi at night. Turn off the homespot function.

A modem or router continuously transmits pulsed WiFi signals. These trigger a stress response and can disrupt your sleep. Turn them off whenever possible. In any case, you should turn them off when you are resting or sleeping. Preferably work with a wired connection. Many routers also have a homespot function. You can turn this off by changing your router settings. Contact your provider for more information.


TIP 2: Do not wear a smartphone on your body. Use the hands-free function. Avoid a signal that is too weak.

Your smartphone constantly emits signals. These become stronger whenever connectivity is weak. A mobile phone generally indicates how good connectivity is at any given time. Whenever connectivity is weak, it is best to avoid using your mobile phone. Do not put an active smartphone in your pocket, your breast pocket or your bag. Distance is important. At 1 metre’s distance, radiation exposure is reduced by up to a thousand.


TIP 3: Use airplane mode when you’re sleeping or resting. Turn off Bluetooth. Take the sensitivity of children into account. 

An active smartphone disrupts your sleep. You don’t need it at night. Leave wireless devices out of your bedroom. If children are playing games on a tablet or PC, put it on airplane mode.


TIP 4: Do not use a laptop or tablet on your lap. Do not wear a smartwatch. Do not use air sticks.

A laptop or tablet is not made to be used in your ‘lap’. It puts a strain on the proper functioning of the organs and the genitals. After a while you can feel what using a laptop on your lap leads to. Tingling in the skin often indicates that a laptop is disrupting your organism.

A smartwatch and airsticks constantly send out signals to stay connected with your smartphone or PC. You should never use them directly on the body.


TIP 5: Avoid wireless communication in the car and train.

In the car and train, wireless devices radiate much harder to stay connected. Your battery will discharge faster and your body absorbs more radiation. Turning off your devices will allow you to better enjoy the moment and the environment while better protecting your health.


TIP 6: Replace a DECT telephone or baby monitor with a cabled device

Even when they are in their holders, DECT telephones and baby monitors radiate continuously. It is best to replace them with a so-called ECO-DECT or a wired device. You can also ask your employer for cabled devices at work.


TIP 7: Avoid electrical appliances in your bedroom (mobile phone, TV, alarm clock, electric blanket, baby monitor, …).

Your bedroom should be an area of tranquillity where electrical appliances do not belong. Even if we don’t realise it, alarm clocks, night lights, baby monitors and other devices constantly disrupt our sleep.

Therefore, keep them away from the bedroom or keep them at least a metre from the body.


TIP 8: Avoid smart metres and home automation. Use a wired connection whenever possible.

Today everything has to be wireless and smart. But pulsed, man-made radiation disrupts our well-being and our health. It’s good to remain attentive and alert about this. Less is more. If possible, always go for cabled alternatives. This ensures a stable internet connection, is much better for your health, and protects your privacy.


TIP 9: Don’t join the 5G revolution

5G is being rolled out at a breath-taking pace. It will be much more powerful than 4G. 5G uses more and higher frequency bands. There is plenty of speculation about new applications and smart developments. Profits will be enormous.

Despite what the government and industry are saying about 5G, there is a lot of cause for concern. Independent scientists and doctors are sounding the alarm. What will be the impact of 5G on our well-being and our health?

Do we really need all this? Nobody is asking for automatic cars. And are we really looking forward to swarms of drones in the sky? No home application really needs 5G. Everything functions fine as it is.

You don’t have to join the 5G craze. Take some time to wait and see.


TIP 10: Make sure you are well grounded. Walk barefoot in the grass and connect with nature.

We are too isolated from the surface of the earth. We live in concrete cities and apartment blocks. We constantly wear shoes. But direct contact with the earth is a biological necessity.

That’s why it feels so good to bathe in the sea or walk in the forest. Direct connection with the earth allows us to release tensions and recharge with negative ions.

Regular grounding is therefore a very good idea.


Two rules of thumb sum it all up:

Keeping wireless devices at a distance is healthy

Use cabled connections whenever possible

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In the next episode we take a more elaborate look at 5G.


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